Get the best tips to make an android app better

There hasn’t been a better time to create an app. They are everywhere serving limitless purposes. And you have been searching for ideas and suggestions to make an android app but found no satisfying results. Well, stop worrying, we have got the solution. Follow the steps down below and you will be able to make an android app within minutes without having to learn any complex programming language.


Step 1 Designing the app

a) Determine the point of app

 By knowing the purpose of creation of your app you will know your audience and the types of features your app will include.

Write footnote hereSuppose you are making a business purpose app then determine which facets of the business would be addressed by your app))

 Keep your app simple as the complex app will require custom coding and art design. If the app gets complicated, there would be chances that any app creation app you choose will not be powerful enough.

 b) Create some rough sketches

 Any app’s longevity depends on its design and usability. Take time to create some initial sketches.

 The sketches need not be detailed but should include all the information that you want to include on the screen.

 Try to keep similar elements in the same location on each screen. This will provide unified design to the app. Also, the app will be more natural for the user this way.

 c) Look for other similar apps

 Browse through the Google play store and try to find similar apps. See what works and what doesn’t.


Step 2-choosing your software

 a) Read and analyze your options

 There are many app-building tools available. The problem with free options is that they have limited publishing options, or may force you to include ads whereas if you pay for a program, you are more likely to be able to publish the app yourself and monetize it however you would like. Use the popular tool to make an android mobile app.


 b) Take a tour of each service

 To give you an overview of how the program will work most of the popular app-creation programs allow you to take online tours.

 When touring the program, make sure it will be powerful enough to create the app you want.

 c) Try a few different programs.

 Many of the programs listed above have free versions or trial versions available.  Find the one that is the most suitable for your needs.


Step 3- making  your app

 a) Log in to the program you chose

 Before you can get to work you will have to create an account and login which is a requirement by almost all app-making programs.

 b) Start a new project

 After downloading the creation software, you will need to start a new project.  It generally involves naming your app and description.

 c) Choose a theme

 You will be asked to set a basic theme and color palette by most app development programs before you start building the app. You will be able to change them later.

 d) Add functions, activities, to your app

 in most of the app-creation programs, they let you add prebuilt functions into your app. The combination of these functions and they're linking together is what will make your app yours. You can add the variety of different functions like calendar, photo gallery, podcast, Facebook integration, and more.

 e) Adjust the layout of each of your screens

 after the addition of a few functions to your app, spend time organizing the layout of each screen. Title bars should all be in the same location, and content should appear inconsistent parts of the screen.

 f) Choose icons for your functions

 g) Good apps contribute a lot to the app. You can either design and upload your own or can choose from the library of icons provided by app creation programs.


Step 4- Testing and releasing the app

 a) Build the app

 When you are done with adding features and content you can build the app so as to run it on your android device.

 b) Test the app

 After the installation is complete test out the app if it’s functioning properlyc) Fix any errors

 After you have tested the app see if there are any errors or anything that is working unusually.

 d) Publish the app

 Your publishing options depend on the app-creation software you choose. Applop allows you to publish directly to the Google play store and includes promotion and marketing.


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